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A Stroke is a Brain Attack, which where the blood supply is cut off from the brain

I didn't know I can have a stroke like that!

What is Silent Stroke?

Silent stroke is the type of stroke that affects people without them  knowing or realizing. It is very subtle and difficult to point out or identify the signs and symptoms of silent stroke

The damages silent strokes leaves on a person's brain is permanent.


What is an Eye Stroke?

The word "stroke" is terrifying, and the term ‘eye stroke’ also sets off a dangerous condition that can result in sudden vision loss

The eye is connected to the brain by the optic nerve, which directly comes from the brain. In fact, the eye is the only part of our body where we can look at our brain directly

Because of this direct eye/brain connection, stroke frequently affects both vision and the ability to coordinate the movements of both eyes.


A blood clots is usually the culprit of an eye stroke.  If there are plaques of fat in the bloodstream (atherosclerosis), one of them can get into narrow vessels and block them. 

In most cases, this type of stroke will only occur in one eye.  Blurred vision or partial and possibly complete vision loss will also occur.   Call 9-1-1 immediately as time is always crucial when recovering from any type of stroke.  

Further information can be found here for symptoms, risk factors and prevention


Spinal Cord Stroke


Most people think of a brain attack when they hear the word stroke, however, a spinal stroke, or spinal cord infarction, is a cerebral infarction involving oxygen deprivation to the brain.   

A spinal cord infarction, spinal cord ischemia, and ischemic myelopathy — is described by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as “a stroke either within the spinal cord or the arteries that supply it.” It is caused by “arteriosclerosis or a thickening or closing of the major arteries to the spinal cord.” Essentially, the flow of blood — which transports oxygen throughout the body — to the spinal cord is disrupted.


If you think your loved one has suffered a spinal cord infarction, it is vital to help them receive medical treatment as soon as possible. Much like a cerebral infarction, time is of the essence when it comes to any spinal cord recovery.

Is heat stroke the same as having a stroke?

No, a heat stroke is not the same as having a stroke.  According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information " In major stroke, a significant rise in temperature occurred hours after stroke onset." Whereas Heatstroke is a condition caused by your body overheating to temperatures as high as 104 F or higher.   In both cases however, it is essential to go to the emergency room.

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