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In honor of Stroke Awareness Month, we are excited to have collaborated  with Sweet Sarah's Scents sustainable and eco friendly products.  Sarah has generously donated some of her best sellers to Pathways Stroke Foundation and we will be giving away this beautiful  collection for Mother's Day for FREE!  Our goal is to raise awareness of the devastating effects of stroke, therefore, you do not have to be a stroke survivor to enter, but you have to be open to learning more about the signs of a stroke.


So why Sweet Sarah Scents?  Sarah and Pathways connected a few years ago on Instagram when we purchased "Morning with Mom" Candle for Mother's Day.  It was an instant hit!  The coffee hazelnut smell wrapped our senses in happiness each day as we shared coffee together.   We loved the minimization of the natural ingredients, but most importantly, we were drawn to Sarah's upbeat, positive, quirky sense of humor and her mission  "for making the Earth smile, one scent at a time.

Sarah shares an all to familiar story of how stroke has affected her family like so many others. Her grandmother had multiple strokes over a 10 year span in which she was affected with Global Aphasia.   With that said, we have much in common.  The sum and substance of our commonality is paying it forward!

Speaking of paying it forward, if you would like to be considered for this Sweet Sarah's Scents giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the form below and submit.  This set comes with the following:

(1) Orange Blossom Scrub - (1) Orange Blossom Candle

(1) Cleansing Lavender Scrub - (1) Cleansing Lavender Candle

(1) Peaceful Peppermint Scrub - (1) Peaceful Peppermint Candle

(1) Bella Coconut Scrub - (1) Bella Coconut Candle

(1) Morning with Mom Scrub - (1) Morning with Mom Candle

(2) Vera Wang Soft Cotton Wash Cloths

(2) Wooden Spoons

(1) Small Bamboo Bow;

(1) Large Bamboo Pedestal Bowl



- coconut blend wax (zero paraffin, safe to breathe, and sustainable)

- cotton/paper wicks (zero metal, decreases headaches!)

- skin safe, eco friendly & clean fragrance oil (zero carcinogens or any nasty preservatives)

As for the scrub ingredients, yes, they happen to only be 4 natural ingredients!


Silky Sugar Scrub:

- Sugar

- organic coconut oil

- oatmeal (the silky part!)

- skin safe & clean fragrance oil


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Drawing ends on May 2nd, 2021 when a random name will be pulled.  We will notify you and ship your item for it to arrive in time for Mother's Day.  If you have been chosen from your social media account, we will contact you via your account messenger.  At that time you will need to provide us with you shipping information.

If you would like to learn more about Sweet Sarah's Scents and her beautiful story, please visit her website at:

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White Flowers

Mother's Day 




Have you you ever heard the expression “We see with our brain?” Although our eyes are the portal to our sight, our brain is ultimately responsible for our vision. When a person is recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury or even a concussion, vision can be affected for a short time or for the long journey to recovery. Impaired vision from a stroke will typically make daily tasks impossible such as reading, moving, depth perception, working on technology and even hearing. So why isn’t Vision Therapy a standard therapy given while recovering? Rigorous visual retraining is not common for people who suffer visual imparities after a stroke or TBI, however vision therarpy is critical from very early on after your episode.

We invite you to spend an hour with us and Dr. Jennifer Ceonzo, who will cover what can occur with vision after a stroke or traumatic brain injury as well as what Vision Therapy is about. Survivors and their families will learn much about how you can start therapy while in the hospital or at home as well as finding a qualified vision rehabilitation specialist.

Please Register in advance for this zoom meeting:…/regi…/tJYrcOCupzMpHNWo3q3hZ7EV3z5RqXUvfj31.


Due to the  Coronavirus outbreak we sadly are postponing our 2nd Annual Ar Do Rothar ride.    We will  reschedule for another date in the near future.  Thank you to all for your understanding.  Be Safe!

3rd Annual 108 Precinct

Breast Cancer Awareness

Health Family Wellness



Sunday October 13, 2019 

According to the National Cancer Society, A diagnosis of cancer can come with increased risk of heart attack or stroke.  Within 6 months of a cancer diagnosis, in fact, a risk of having either event was more than twice than people not having cancer.  Babak Navi, M.D., Weill Cornell Medicine, and his colleagues reported on August 22 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, that the number of people living in the United States undergoing active treatment for cancer is large, 13 million, and only expecting it to increase.

Stop by and see us on October 13, 2019 and find out more information about Stroke after Breast Cancer!

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What a great event.   We spoke to so many people about the effects of stroke and listened to many survival stories of families.   Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

We had a blast spinning with everyone at our

Ar Do Rothar event.  

Thank you all for a successful fundraiser!


Tough Cookie Race Event December 2, 2018

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Rain did not stop our founder, Jean Marie Gibbs, from tackling the hills at the Tough Cookie 8k run.  "I'm not a runner by nature and knew it was going to be difficult, however, challenges make champions and running for our stroke warriors inspired each step taken to not give up" said Jean Marie.

Your generous donations have enabled us to support a stroke survivor to attend technology classes for a year at the J.M. Ladge Speech and Hearing Center LIUPost.

Thank you all and see you at the next race!