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There are so many different reasons that you may want to donate, but each reason will change someone's life.

Give in Support of Stroke Awareness

Because you believe that a stroke can be prevented and you want to be a part of the stroke family movement

Give in Celebration

Donations from family and friends instead of traditional gifts can help make a difference in the fight against stroke.

Give in Memory

A special way for you to remember your loved one by dedicating your donation to their memory.

You can click on any of the "Donate" icons or follow this icon here


Time is brain!  Each second, each minute that passes is critical to the outcome of a stroke survivor.  Raising awareness makes education about the signs of stroke important for everyone.  From survivors to caregivers, each person needs a place to turn for answers.

Technology has advanced rapidly in the treatment of stroke, and is the future of continued rehabilitation.  Empowering people with the tools they need to gain independence and gain better control of their world will lead to swifter mental and physical balance and gains. However, these technological wonders are costly and monetary resources are limited to many survivors.

Pathways Stroke Foundation relies on your support to help change and improve the lives of stroke survivors ensuring everyone has the best chance of recovery. Now is the time for us to join forces in the fight agains stroke.  Please join today by making a donation and change a life.




100 iPads 


Technology is a crucial element while on the path to recovery from a stroke or traumatic brain injury.   An iPad provides many applications for therapy programs as well as opens up the user to the social media world and can even be a pathway to a job.  Survivors are often isolated or cannot connect with friends as they would like, and an iPad will help make those connections possible while continuing to recovery on a positive path.

After 100 days of speech, physical and occupational therapy, a survivor is then sent home.  They are often left to their own devices and many do not have the financial means to purchase an iPad or make monthly payments for therapy applications.  

Pathways Stroke Foundation's iPad initiative is to raise money to provide those that do not have the means  purchase this very important piece to their recovery journey. 

We are own our way to make this dream come true for many but need your help to reach our goal.  Any amount donated to this cause is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance for your giving to this great cause.



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