"You are stronger than you ever imagined possible. One step, one journey, one new life, you are a warrior"

- Jean Marie Gibbs, Founder


We are excited to announce our partnership with LIU Post J.M. Ladge Speech and Hearing Center.  The center is the only program in New York offering Extended Day Aphasia programs focusing on socialization, communication and education for children and adults.  In addition to individual small group therapies, they offer a motor speech group, memory group, and a caregiver support group.  

These amazing programs are in high demand and are underfunded.  Many clients cannot afford these much needed programs for long term recovery or do not have the means of transportation to attended.   Through grants and fundraising events, Pathways Stroke Foundation is committed to working side by side with J.M. Ladge Speech and Hearing to provide the opportunity for all survivors the chance of recovery through the many speech therapy services offered.

Website: http://www.liu.edu/post/LSHC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PostSpeechandHearingCenter/

We rely on your support to change the lives of people affected by stroke.  Please help us to make a difference today.

Welcome to Pathways Stroke Foundation.  We created this foundation in honor of our mother Agnes who suffered a debilitating stroke that has left her with many deficits.  We all know someone who may have suffered from stroke, and the devastating long lasting journey the survivors and families face.

Although our foundation is beginning its journey, we have built a strong team of people that are like minded and determined to raise stroke awareness.  While education is important, Pathways Stroke Foundation is unique in that we will work directly with survivors and families to assist in their long term recovery.  

We have experienced first hand the importance of being a patient advocated especially during the beginning stages of recovery while in rehabilitation. A survivor is normally frightened and at times may not feel safe which will hinder their recovery times.   There are many families that cannot stay with their loved ones because they live in another state or may have family and job commitments.   One of our main goals is to partner with care facilities to provide a family advocate to assist the survivor a few hours a day to make sure they are safe and cared for.   

Once your loved one is home, much support will be needed.  In home care is being cut to survivors giving them the bare basics.  Recently with the bankruptcy of Guildnet, a large long term care Medicare/Medicaid insurance carrier, Agnes has had her twenty four hour care cut to twelve hours.  There are thousands that are facing this same decision. Many survivors are left without any assistance and are either sent to the Emergency Room until someone can bring them home, or they stay in bed for up to 12 hours without food, water or medication.  With your help, we will be able to subsidize critical  home health aide hours so the survivor can recover with dignity. 


Studies have shown that long term speech therapy has helped survivors recover throughout the years with communication and cognition. Emerging technology has been a vital recovery tool as well.  Providing an iPad and virtual reality glasses is another way we will help survivors and families.  FaceTime, social media, therapeutic and speech language programs help survivors stay in touch with loved ones, and give them them the tools they need for continued recovery.  


With all of this said, we cannot continue this journey in helping survivors recover without you. With your generous donations, we will be able to provide families and survivors peace of mind knowing there is a foundation that will help.  While we continue our campaign via social media, local fundraising events, and holistic healing events. We are currently in the works of partnering with a large institution to be the only 5 day a week all day speech therapy program on Long Island, NY.  Your generous donations will help thousands not only prevent a stroke, but provide critical long term services that will give a survivor as best a chance as possible for full recovery.

So join us today and spread the word!

Think you are too young for a Stroke? Stroke in young adults is on the rise at an alarming rate. Drug abuse, vaping, and alcohol abuse are a few issues that Pathways will focus on to raise awareness in middle school, high schools, colleges and local clubs. Our goal is to also partner with the USO, as the rate of stroke in our military men and women are rising.

Know the signs of spotting a stroke.  If you know someone who may be having a stroke, call 9-1-1 immediately.



Your support is needed to change the lives of people affected by stroke and reduce the long term disability of people who are struck by this devastating condition.      


Please help us to make a difference today.

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